Sevenarts Concert Tour and Artists Management Agency


Klara Kuti

managing director


Martin Sommerlatte

artistic director




Klara Kuti is a multi faceted concert manager with a lot of experience in the music industry. She has degrees in a number of disciplines. Following her graduation she started her career at Interconcert Budapest.

She speaks three languages: English, German and Spanish. Throughout her 20 plus years career she has worked with several of the world's leading symphony orchestras and soloists. She has also been involved in the management of a number of recordings as well as in the organisation of operetta and musical productions and tours.




Martin Sommerlatte graduated at the Academy of Ballet in Monte Carlo. Following his graduation he worked with Maurice Bejart and was later contracted to the Bavarian State Opera and the Karlsruhe State Opera in Germany.

Later on, he studied opera and music at the Opera and Music Academy in Karlsruhe and the Music Academy in Munich. He was taught by Professor Tiziana Sojat, Professor Lüdecke and Professor Blaschke. He speaks English, French and Spanish.